Linda in the Skeleton Coast Park in Namibia
I’m inviting you to come
along on some of my trips
People always ask me,
“What was
Brussels like?...
What was Burma like..
and Bali…and
Thailand… England…France...Ireland…
Scotland…and Italy?”
So this is the first of many
trips for you to explore
with me.
Elephants in Kruger National Park    
  Linda Horn
  Giraffes in the Etosha National Park in Namibia
  Giraffes in Botswana Leopard at Singita
Lion in Kruger National Park    
  Zebras in Botswana Elephants in the Okavango Delta
Rhinos in the Okavango Delta in Botswana
  Linda at the King's Pool Camp
  Linda at Little Mombo
Have you ever been on a trip that completely surprised you with its “God Given” beauty?...Well…This was that kind of trip...I went to Botswana…Namibia…and South Africa…but the Boulders Camp in Singita was the “animal star” of them all. A place never to be forgotten…the people were lovely and accommodating…always smiling and willing to make you feel comfortable and protected at every turn. The accommodations are “fairy tale like” in their effort to take you away from your everyday life…and drop you in a place of magic. But…the thing that most surprised me was how close you get to the animals.
Hippo on the Linyanti River Linda on the Kuyene River in Namibia  
Linda Buying Trinkets from the Himba Aboriginees in Serra Cafema Area of Namibia  
  Himba Village
  Linda with Friends at Singita Boulders Linda with the Himba Elders
Himba Mother & Child  

I shot with a 500 millimeter lens…but still you can see how close to wild animals I must have been.  It was thrilling to just sit and watch what evolved…I’d awaken in the morning and watch baboons frolicking outside my tent…wild cats…gorgeous sleek creatures…the elephants were massive, adorable giants… frolicking in alligator laden streams…The rhino…hippo… and King of them all, the lion…all make for splendid theater.

In Northern Namibia…near the Angolan Border is an uninhabited area called the Skeleton Coast.  There I was introduced to a nomadic Aborigine tribe known as the Himba. 

  Cheetah at Kruger National Park Linda Buying Trinkets at a Small Airport in Namibia
"Shooting" in Namibia
  My Beautiful Room in Little Mombo, Botswana
  My Room in Singita Boulders Tracking in Singita  
Linda Horn
  Baboon in Botswana

They are goat herders who travel the desert with very little… they are covered with red mud…from head to toe… and are friendly, beautiful people…After a very slow introduction through an interpreter…the Himba accepted me and allowed me to see their camp and showed me their crafts. I bought jewelry from the littlest children…and from the oldest adults.

I’ve also gone on another trip to Cape Town where I purchased some of the serpentine sculptures created by Artisans of Zimbabwe. As soon as they arrive I’ll show them to you. 

P.S. Next stop is the countryside of England…and the city of London. Let’s see what I find...

  Leopards in Singita
My House at the Sossusvlei Winderness Camp  
  Always Shooting




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